PCB stackup, signal integrity and controlled impedance Software and test systems for PCB assembly and repair

CAF Test


The PCB is the foundation of a reliable electronic circuit board assembly. Three pillars support the foundation -  PWB Reliability Testing Looks at:


  • Via and interconnect reliability - IST
  • Material and construction confirmation - DELAM
  • Shorting and parasitic leakage -  CAF System

It only takes one weak pillar for the foundation to collapse. While CAF Testing (Cathodic Anodic Filament) has been primarily used for material qualification, it did not take into account the specific design and stackup of the actual circuit board assembly.

Increasing test requirements in the automotive industry with test voltages ranging from 1000V to 2000V also call for the specific PCB design to be taken into account.


The PWB CAF Test vehicle replicates the critical design features of the PCB:


  • Construction/Stackup
  • Via Structures
  • Spacing


Are industry standards for CAF performance possible?

Performance testing SHOULD be based on the industry segments product’s life cycles – NOT one size fits all philosophy

Each industry (Consumer, Computer, Telecom, Medical, Automotive, Avionic, Aerospace, etc.) has unique end-use environments, a representative criteria is critical. The PWB CAF Test is offered as system installation and also as test service.


Download: PWB CAF Testing.pdf



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