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The DELAM product is an automated testing device used to quickly obtain capacitance values from a printed circuit board test coupon.  These test coupons are made of conductive layers and non-conductive dielectric layers and are measured for capacitance.  These capacitance values are used to compare layer-to-layer, coupon-to-coupon, and batch-to-batch capacitance variation to understand possible differences in PCB materials and or physical construction.





  • Fixture produces a repeatable constant contact pressure
  • Generate an automated report revealing actual capacitance values
  • Generates a report indicating which layers deviated more than the accepted comparison levels
  • Can enter in specific Warning and Limit comparison level percentages
  • Allows individual circuit testing to be performed
  • Measure up to 36 multi-layer coupons
  • Display real time capacitance measurement in graph form
  • Visually display on a graph a test coupon for comparison to other test coupon results

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