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IST Interconnect Stress Test

Measuring the Reliability of the Interconnected Structures and the Dielectric Material in Printed Wire Boards


Interconnect Stress Test (IST) is now established as the industry accepted test methodology for the reliability assessment of Printing Wiring Board (PWB) interconnections. Because PWB industry wide studies over the last twenty years have concluded that compared to traditional methods, (thermal oven/liquid to liquid/sand bath/solder float),

IST methods are:


 • Faster

• Repeatable & Reproducible

• Easy to Characterize

• Simulate the products expected

Assembly & Rework Conditions

• Cost Effective

• Reduces the need for Microsectioning

• Simplify Data Analysis & Interpretation

Webinar: Proof of reliability using the interconnect stress test part 1 here

Webinar: Proof of reliability using the interconnect stress test part 2 here


Brochure: download


Study of the European Space Agency: more

IST is an accelerated stress test method that overcomes the limitations of thermal oven or liquid/liquid methods. IST has the capability of effective/rapidly quantifying the integrity of both the Plated Through Hole (PTH) and the unique ability to identify the presence and levels of post separations within the multilayer board. The plated barrels and inner layer junctions are “exercised” until the initial failure mode/mechanism is uncovered. The data is recorded as IST cycles to failure.



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