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RITS 550

In response to the increasing volume of PCBs with controlled impedance, Polar Instruments has developed a turnkey system for automated impedance testing of PCBs and coupons in a production environment.

Automated impedance measurement for PCB and coupon testing with excellent R&R

RITS 550 automates the industry standard CITS 880s (Controlled Impedance Test System) to give fast, repeatable volume testing of coupons and PCBs. CITS 880s employs proven technology and is currently used worldwide for manual testing of controlled impedances. Even if you have not had much experience of electrical or RF testing before, you will find RITS 550 easy to use. The system is controlled via easy to use Windows software. Test set-up is straight forward, results data is autmatically logged in accessible formats, and there is the option of a built-in report generator. We have found that system operators can usually be fully trained in just half a day. High speed technologies, faster processors, accelerated graphics and faster communications require more system bandwidth. The evolving demands of multi-media applications and three-dimensional graphics, mean that high bandwidth printed circuit interconnect is now essential to sustain system performance. The challenge for the PCB industry is to develop reliable, repeatable processes for cost-effective volume manufacture of this next-generation interconnect technology.


With test times as fast as fixture based systems, RITS 550 flying probe technology provides unparalleled levels of measurement repeatability, with a lifetime cost of ownership just a fraction of a fixture based system. Tooling costs for new jobs are reduced to a few moments of program setup.


Accurate, traceable measurement RITS 550 uses proven time domain reflectometry (TDR) techniques to measure the reflection of fast rise-time pulses. High precision reference airlines - traceable to NPL and NIST standards - ensure repeatable measurement accuracy to allow the trace impedances to be controlled.



You can be sure of the repeatability of the test measurement because RITS 550 is calibrated using traceable airlines. The system is able to make both single ended and differential measurements, in addition the RITS 550 can check for differential imbalance and also report odd and even mode impedance.


Flying probe technology

For each new coupon or memory module design, RITS 550 learns the location of the impedance test points, in contrast to fixture systems setup is very fast and tooling charges for new jobs are minimal. Precision motion systems in the RITS give a step resolution of just half a mil (13 microns), so you can be sure of accurate probing even with very fine pitches.


Up to 30 test coupons can be loaded on the RITS 550 for testing and logging, and spare coupon trays may be preloaded to achieve maximum throughput. Lifetime cost of ownership of a RITS 550 can be a fraction of the cost of a fixture based solution.


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